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Our farm is nestled in the Cascade foothills in the Mid-Willamette Valley, near the Calapooia River. We farm sustainably and holistically, taking care of our land, water, and local wildlife, while raising healthy and happy animals that are treated naturally and humanely. Our production is pasture based with a focus on naturally growing grass and forage for our animals. We feed and finish Ruminants (Beef, Lamb, Goat) without ever feeding grain. We are committed to informing you about what we have fed the animals you purchase, and about any potential exposure to medications or pesticides. We use natural, organic products for fly control, livestock guardian dogs for predator prevention, antibiotics only when animals are sick, and limit our use of wormers to the extent possible. No growth hormones. No low-level or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Natural Angus Beef: Angus beef is known for superior flavor and tenderness. We finish our animals on our grass pastures with supplemental locally grown alfalfa hay. Calves are born here and fed solely grass/forage (no grain) throughout their lives.

Belted Galloway Beef: This heritage breed is prized for its excellent flavor and its hardiness. In particular, Galloways thrive in low-input sustainable grassfed systems. We are now offering registered Belted Galloway heifer and bull calves for fall 2013. Dont hesitate to contact us if you are interested, these cuties sell quick!

Pastured-raised Free-Range Chickens: Our chickens are raised on pasture, moved daily, and allowed to range within a moveable electric net fence that protects them from predators. Our whole-grain feed comes from a local feed mill using local grains whenever possible. Birds are frozen whole in vacuum-packed plastic.

Natural Lamb: Our Katahdin lambs are lean and mildly flavored, finished on grass with supplemental local alfalfa. Katahdin sheep are a breed of hair sheep (in contrast to wool sheep). Because they shed, they don't require shearing or tail docking, so are excellent for farms that use humane management practices. They are also hardy and parasite resistant so rarely require use of wormers or medications. Natural Pork: Our pigs help us make our compost because they love to root around and dig! These smart and very clean animals remind us of puppies in their daily antics. We've come to enjoy them far more than we expected. They also serve an important role on a sustainable farm, as they eat extra fruit and veggies from the garden, eggs that are too big or small or have shell problems, and acorns from our oak trees. They are also hearty and healthy.

Natural Goat: Our Boer and Kiko goats are finished on grass, browse, and local alfalfa. If you like lamb, consider goat: the meat is lean and delicious. Chops taste more like lamb; roasts taste more like beef. We are converting to Kiko goats and Kiko-Boer goat crosses because these animals, like the Katahdin sheep, are hardier and more parasite resistant.

Pastured-raised Free-Range Eggs: Our chickens range far and wide on our pastures, with Belle, one of our livestock guardian dogs, watching over them. Because they eat grasses, weeks, bugs and all sorts of other things, our eggs taste nothing like what you buy in the store! You'll find bright yolks that range from strong yellow to bright orange from the beta-carotene in the plants they eat.


Listing last updated on Jan 20, 2013

Sweet Home Farms is a family farm dedicated to sustainable farming practices and animal husbandry. We practice Holistic and Intensive Management on our land.

For people who care about the source of their food.

Proudly offering naturally raised meat and poultry, including grassfed beef, lamb, and goat, pasture raised poultry and eggs, and natural pork.

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  100

Full Share:  Regular Share: $144/month with a 3 month minimum, 6 month maximum. Small Share: $100/month with a 3 month minimum, 6 month maximum. Many configurations. Add Eggs to any share: $5.50/month with 3 dozen minimum Extra Chickens: $19.66/month with a 3 mon

1/2 Share:  $100/month with a 3 month minimum, 6 month maximum

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Moreland Farmers Market
Summer- Wednesdays/Weekly: 3:30pm-6:30pm
SE 13th and Bybee (May-Oct)

Oregon City Farmer's Market
Winter- Saturdays/ Bi-Monthly: 10am-2pm
8th & Main (Nov-Apr)
Summer- Saturdays/Weekly: 9am-2pm
2051, Kaen Rd., off Beavercreek Rd. (May-Oct)

Corvallis-Albany Farmer's Market
Summer- Saturdays/Weekly: 9am-1pm
4th and Ellsworth (Apr-Nov)

Corvallis Indoor Winter Market
Saturdays/Weekly: 9am-1pm
Benton County Fairgrounds (Jan-Apr)

Schedule and Location:

Sundays Noon-4.
All other days please call ahead.

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