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Sweet M's is a fun, family-run farm committed to providing high quality meat in a way that supports sustainable farming practices and the local economy. The results are a win-win; you know where your meats came from, how they are raised and what they are fed, while boosting Minnesota's local economy. Plus, we enjoy establishing personal connections with our customers and pride ourselves on providing each and every one of them with information and excellent products. Sweet M's Farm is your perfect choice when it comes to purchasing local products that taste great and have low environmental impact.

All of the animals at Sweet M's Farm, from our Berkshire hogs to our laying hens and meat chickens, are humanely treated; placed in small groups, they are able to roam freely outdoors and are fed organic grains, grass/pasture and produce. We promote humane treatment at all times, which is why our hogs are pasture-raised and chickens are free-range.

At Sweet M's Farm we do not promote any practices that are unnatural for our animals; sunshine, fresh air, and organic grains and pasture provide the majority of their delicious taste and natural growth. Free of hormones, chemicals, antibiotics and processed with no nitrates, gluten or MSG, our meat products are safe and natural. They promote natural growth and health for you and your family. We are extremely proud of the quality and taste of our pork and chicken and would love to share them with you.

New for 2010: Our meat and egg CSA!


Listing last updated on Apr 7, 2011

At Sweet M's Farm we offer a variety of meat products that are healthy, natural and delicious. Our family practices sustainable farming techniques that are enjoyable and profitable as well as environmentally conscious. We offer some of the most delicious natural pork cuts, from delectable pork chops to fresh country style ribs; pick up individual packages of cuts or buy in bulk. Also give our brats or bacons a try - we have several varieties and we are always innovating and adding new products!

Season:  March through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2010

# of Shares:  40

Full Share:  $1000/yr. for pasture-raised organic beef, $560/yr. for pasture-raised pork, $400/yr. for free-range chicken, $666 mixed pork, beef and chicken share, $65/yr. for free-range eggs

1/2 Share:  $500/yr. beef, $280/yr. pork, $220/yr. chicken half share

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Ramsey Farmers Market, Thursdays 3:00-7:00
New Hope Farmers Market, Saturdays 8:00-1:00
Local Market Park Rapids, Wednesdays 10:00-2:00

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