Sweet Pea Wellness Tea Bundle

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Sweet Pea Wellness Tea Bundle

Try five varieties of herbs in one wellness bundle! Sample different teas that will help improve your mood and overall health.

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from: Urban Herbs

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In my new Sweet Pea WellnessTea Bundles, I offer five different kinds of hand crushed herbs individually bagged, so you are able to sample a variety of teas and their benefits. Each bag comes with an information tag about the herb. Included with your bundle is a card containing instructions on how to use your tea bundle.

This little tea bundle may not change your lifestyle, but it can add a new dimension to "doing something good for yourself". Each herb contains a known element that helps brighten your mood, and provides overall wellness.

The Sweet Pea Wellness Tea Bundle will contain five tea bags of the following herbs:

-Bearberry -Plantain -Echinacea -Goldenrod -Gravelroot -Mallow -Shepherd's Purse

It's a great way to sample a variety of herbs, and find out how each one works for you! All of the herbs are grown in my herb garden, dried, and hand-crushed. Guaranteed fresh and of the highest quality.

Fresh organic herbs are best...I only sell from last season\'s harvest.If you see special order* at the top of the product page, it means I have the herb, but it\'s not packaged, so it may take 2 weeks to receive it.This tends to happen during peak planting and harvest times when things get busy. My teas are set up in 12 catagories, listed above.If you look up the Tea Baskets page for these categories, you\'ll see more herbs that you might want to try.

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