We are a small farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Batesville, Virginia.

We practice management intensive rotational grazing - ruminents and poultry move to fresh grass one to three times per day. We are chemical, drug, and hormone free, following humane and organic principles. Our beef is entirely grass fed.

We sell pastured beef and pork by the side and will have a handful of lambs this fall. Beef sides are sold as what the Europeans call "petit" beef - we harvest the steers at a year of age, avoiding winter purchased feeds, avoiding the toughness that often comes with slower-gorwing grass-fed beef, and making side pruchases possible for people who do not have a seperate freezer. A side with a live weight of 250 pounds will translate into about eighty pounds of beef cut and wrapped, which will fit in the top of a conventional freezer/refirigerator combination.

Our beef cuts are smaller (but tender and tastier!), but our pork is larger. We take out pastured pigs up to 450 pounds, harvesting with the seasons in the fall. A side of pork will fill the top of the aforementioned conventional refrigerator with large pork chops, roasts, and sausage.

We will have a few Tunis lambs (a heritage breed popularized by George Washington) this fall. Please call for availability.

Our motley, diverse heritage breed chickens lay white, green, and brown eggs. Weekly delivery is available in the Charlottesville area.

Whether you are considering a purchase or just want to see how a small, sustainable farm works, call us for a farm tour. Mark would love to talk grazing with like-minded people! Tours for school groups are offered.


Listing last updated on Jun 26, 2006

Sweet Seasons Farm Mark and Sally Tueting Batesville, Virginia

Grass-fed beef and lamb Pastured pork Heritage breed egg-layers

Schedule and Location:

Custom-raised beef and pork orders are taken in the spring and delivered in October. Later reservations are possible. Please call.

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Their chicken is the best we have ever tasted! And their beef is amazingly flavorful! We have purchased chicken, lamb and beef from them for the last couple years and the quality is fabulous. Friendly folks and fantastic products.

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