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Sweet Sourland Farms is family owned & operated, offering locally grown forest and agricultural products for sale on a modest scale. See our farm in the documentary "Sourlands".

* MAPLE SYRUP -Pints $12, Half-pts $7

* LUMBER- grown & milled on site

* LOCAL BEE COLONIES- and Honey from Tassot Apiaries $7/pound

* MEAT GOATS- Kiko/Boer crosses

We sell from the farm, call & pick up your order 9am-5pm, Mon-Sat.,or by appointment.



It takes 40 gallons of sugar maple sap boiled down to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup. We have a few hundred sugar maples on tap. In the wood-fired evaporator in our sugar house, we make about 20 to 50 gallons of 100% pure NJ maple syrup a year, depending upon weather conditions. Syrup season begins in late winter or early spring, we usually tap mid-January. We collect the sap with tubing on a vacuum system at sundown each day, and boil at night, so our production processes are difficult to see.

For those who want to experience "old time" sugaring in N.J., we recommend these public programs: Howell Living History Farm, Mercer county; Lord Stirling Park, Somerset county; Lusscroft Farm, Sussex county. They all have "maple sugaring" events, with complete websites and program calendars. We got our first taps at Howell Farm 30 years ago!


We have 15-20 beehives, some on the farm, others distributed throughout Mercer and Hunterdon counties. We may have limited quantities available in 2014. We are now carrying honey from another local (Milford, NJ) beekeeper, Tassot Apiaries, at the farm.


We sell our goats as live animals, and assist purchasers with processing, either here on the farm or to a local abattoir. Prices range from $175-$250 for the goat, processing is extra. They're usually available early fall, but we do sell out by November. As quantities are limited, we recommend that interested buyers reserve their kids early in the season.


From our NJ Resource Conservation & Development Council certified River Friendly farm, we produce high quality air dried dimensional lumber with plantation grown eastern white pine. Our trees were planted in 1957, maintained as a crop (pruned to produce clear lumber), and have reached maximum growth. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers.

SORRY- WE ONLY MILL OUR OWN TREES- WE DO NOT provide removal, transport or milling service for trees/logs grown elsewhere. Hardware, such as nails or fence wire, often invisible but embedded in a log, destroys saw blades, requiring mill shutdown and blade replacement. If you need to have a log sawn up, try portablesawmillnj or Heacock's in Bucks Co., PA.

We have many thousands of board feet of plantation grown Eastern white pine 1"x, straight grain #2 and better. Pine is available in beams from 16"x16" to 12"x12", or boards 1", 2" and up to 7" thickness. Most are from 8' to 12' in length, book matched and numbered. All wood is rough cut. It is suitable for any use ranging from fine furniture to construction. Boards for raised bed gardening, as well as 1"x1" for trellis and tomato stakes has been popular. Straight pine logs up to 20' in length are also available for log cabins, etc.

Planing is available at an extra charge. We can also custom cut needed sizes. Milled Lumber prices are calculated by the board foot, $1.25 for pine beams, $1.50 for pine boards. If you want to estimate your lumber costs, here's a link to a board foot calculator: http://extension.missouri.edu/scripts/explore/G05506.asp

Lumber in stock as of January 2015 : Eastern White Pine. NOTE: Stock always varies

Slab Lumber - Slabs or "cut offs", are the curved bark sections of the log removed in milling. It is the "waste" of the milling process; thickness varies, length from 8-14 feet. This offering is by appointment only, on self service basis. $20.00 per pick up truck load.

Wood Chips - Clean Eastern White Pine wood chips, $15.00 per cubic yard, up to 4 yd. per truckload delivery available; cost based on distance.

Firewood - sold out.


Listing last updated on Jan 5, 2015

DELAWARE VALLEY NJ & PA WOODWORKERS, CARPENTERS & BUILDERS: DOWN WITH THE DESPOT! BUY LOCAL, YOU'LL SAVE TIME & MONEY! DON'T YOU LONG FOR THE DAYS WHEN A 2x4 REALLY WAS 2 inches by 4 inches? When lumber mills offered local high quality wood products for projects of all sizes and kinds? Milled and cut to your specifications at reasonable cost? Our eastern white pine harvest is done and available for sale now. Please call us at 6O9.466.9241- Mon- Sat- 9am-5pm

Schedule and Location:

Our maple syrup, honey and lumber products are sold directly from the farm. Please call or email us for availability and prices.

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My family has enjoyed the Katzenbachs' honey and syrup for years, and my husband regularly uses their lumber for projects in and out of the home.

We depend on our local farmers for the great food and products they provide.... [more]

As a Princeton-based builder, have been using the Katzenbach's wood for a variety of projects for the last five years. Whether its the white pine grown on site (the clearest I have seen, on par with the old-growth pine used for flooring in historic houses), or rare woods I have brought to be custom-milled, myself and my clients are always impressed with their product.... [more]

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