We are a small family owned and operated farm at the base of Mt. Sexton in the Hugo area. We are located on 18 acres, but only 2-3 are farmable. Currently we are farming only one acre, but doing one farmers market and six C.S.A. members, and one grocery store. We are not certified but grow organically and soon to be using biodynamic preps on the farm. We are growing mostly open-pollinated, organic seeds, cover-cropping, composting, crop-rotation, and minimal tillage...as we have no tractor. Currently we do not have interns but maybe one day.....until then...keep diggin.

Listing last updated on Jun 29, 2008

Schedule and Location:

Grants Pass Farmers Market, 9-1 p.m. Saturdays possibly Wednesdays 9-1p.m. at Riverside Park

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They care about their produce alot - they use recyclable bag material and they have fun colors! Their harvests are perfect and delish!

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