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The freshest RAW Goat pet milk you have ever had!!! We feed our goats the best grain, fresh hay, lots of green to eat, and clean water. The milk is so good you will never drink any other milk again. We make goat milk cheese, and soap also. Check out website for more details.

Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork. We will have pork available in spring

Fresh Brown Eggs. Gathered Daily from Free Range, very Happy Hens. They have fresh water and food at all at times. The ladies roam free and allowed to do what chickens do "eat bugs and grass". They are in their coop at night and protected from predators, so there is no stress on them. These are our pet chickens, very loved and well taken care of. We gather the eggs everyday and wash them. We reuse cartons as a way to help recycle! The eggs are large, but do vary in size, shape and color (even though they are all brown eggs). ***We have added several new chickens. So egg color varies from white to light brown, dark brown and there are even green and blue eggs, and olive eggs.


Listing last updated on Jan 17, 2013

Fresh Large Brown Eggs. Free Range. $4.00 a dozen Raw Goat Milk for Pets Goat Milk Soap

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