Sweetwater Farm

We are a small farm who sells raw goats milk and cheese, as well as a little produce and herbs. We also make pesto and sometimes jams. The goats have access to pasture 24/7 and are occasionally let out to browse during the day. In the winter time, they are given local alfalfa hay, and supplemented with the same in the summer. They are given a custom made grain mix using whole grains and locally grown grains as much as possible.

We use natural fertilizers on our plants and no pesticides or herbicides. We welcome visitors and if you would like to come have a tour, give us a call. The milk is cheaper if you pick up at the farm, and we will also not charge a bottle deposit if you bring your own jar.

We sell a few different flavors of raw chevre', the soft cheese that most people think of when they hear the words "goat cheese". We are planning to also start making mozzarella this spring.

We have sheep now as well, and will take orders for locker lambs, delivered to the butcher. Costs of processing are to be paid by the customer. These will be a medium-sized lamb, not huge like a suffolk, but quite tasty. We will sometime in the future have Icelandic and Finnsheep fleeces for handspinning as well.


Listing last updated on Jan 28, 2012

Schedule and Location:

Farmer's Markets will start again in May. We plan to attend the Twin Falls Farmer's market on Saturdays, and either the Hailey, ID or Ketchum, ID markets in the Wood River Valley. We may also attend the market in Gooding.

Schedule and Location:

We do not offer U-pick on our produce, but you may come get milk or cheese from the farm. Call ahead to make sure we are home.

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Do your body a favor and drink their raw goat milk. Yum!

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