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We are a local honey producer, placing a number of bee hives on local farm lands. We go to great lengths to find producers who limit their use of pesticides and if possible, grow organically. We will be placing some hives on an organic produce farm this year and will make every effort to separate any honey produced there from other stocks. Our honey is considered 'raw'. Two primary reasons keep our honey 'raw', one is that it is not filtered, but strained instead. Also, n o excess heat is ever applied to our honey products, other than to re-liquify any honey that may crystalize prior to bottling.

Container sizes include - honey filled straws (super jumbo drinking straws 1/4" in diameter and 7-3/4" in length), 12 oz. squeeze bears, one and two-pound plastic queenline containers, three and five pound bulk plastic containers, and one gallon bulk plastic containers. Five gallon sealed containers are available upon special requests.

All honey is considered wildflower, in that we have no control over where the bees forage during their floral visits, even though most hives are placed in or adjacent to specific crops. Every year is a different vintage, color and general flavor. 2009 was an excellent year, with approximately 2,800 pounds produced from our local hives. We also sell bees and various supplies for those who wish to enter this amazing hobby/business.


Listing last updated on Feb 27, 2009

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Great Bend, La Crosse, Hays Kansas local farmer's markets

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