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Synergistic Acres raises animals peacefully in natural environments, where they enjoy natural forages while restoring health to the land and sustaining our family and yours with delicious nourishment. When you buy meat from Synergistic Acres you are:

* feeding your family the healthiest and most nutritionally complete food available * supporting agriculture that respects the land and improves it daily * providing a place where animals can be raised and spend their entire lives in happy healthy environments

Pastured Poultry -- We sell fresh and frozen chickens. After brooding, chickens live their entire lives on pasture enjoying fresh green grass daily and being supplemented with 100% Organic Grains. We offer heritage breed chickens as well as the familiar Cornish X.

Pastured Eggs - Our eggs come from hens that free range on open pastures spending their entire day foraging in large open paddocks that are rotated regularly to ensure fresh grass, worms and insects.

Grass-fed Beef - We raise Galloway beef - a heritage breed of beef that is world known for it exceptional taste when raised on a grass-fed diet. Our cows are fed nothing but grass that is provided through daily rotations to new pastures. They are not fed any additional hormones, vaccines or steroids. They are slaughtered at a USDA facility and sold by the cut.

Woodlot Pork - We raise a heritage breed of pig that flourishes when grown outdoors. Our pigs live their entire lives outside foraging though our woods and pastures. They are also offered 100% organic grains as supplement.


Listing last updated on Apr 29, 2013

We are now taking pre-orders for our Pastured Poultry! Our first batches have sold out but are taking orders now for upcoming batches.

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We have been buying some of Jeff and Laura's chickens and we absolutely love them. I got to help with processing day last weekend and I truly enjoyed watching the time and dedication they put into their birds.... [more]

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