T&T Farm

We are a small family farm dedicated to growing healthy, natural food in a manner that respects our environment and our animals. We raise grass fed miniature cattle, Jersey cows, pastured and free-range poultry and eggs from free-ranged chickens and ducks. We also offer grass fed katahdin lamb. We don't give our animals any hormones, antibiotics, vaccinations or medicine unless it is a homopathic remedy. Our animals get only non-GMO organic feed, unsprayed hay and pasture and certified organic mineral supplements. Our animals get plenty of fresh air, fresh water, green grass, sunshine and exercise. We also have a limited amount of all natural, heritage breed pork available occasionally. Ask us about cow shares! It's the best way to access fresh, unprocessed milk. Nothing can match the health benefits of milk from cows grazing on green grass and nothing beats the taste of fresh milk, cream and butter. We welcome farm tours by appointment, and we welcome on farm sales. Give us a call and let us know when we can expect you! See you soon.


Listing last updated on Sep 20, 2013

Grass-fed beef, Katahdin lamb, Pastured poultry, Free range muscovy duck, Free-range eggs, Pastured Pork, Cow Shares(Fresh Dairy Products)

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