Tabletop Farm

We are a small family operated part-time farm, We raise premium meats and eggs using sustainable practices without hormones, drugs or chemicals. Our animals are raised with love and on pasture and moved to fresh green grass when available. We raise and sell Eggs, chickens, ducklings, turkeys, Goats and Pork, The pork is available by the side. We sell our meats locally. Our goal is to provide a better tasting and healthier product for consumers that care about the food they eat and how it is raised. We also sell Goat Milk Soaps, and cheese. Our layer Chickens are americana's, Leghorns, Marans, Our Meat chickens are Pure bred delaware's, free range and they take 12-14 weeks until market weight. Unbelievable taste. Our goats are Registered Boer's and Saanen's, Our Turkeys we raise are the heritage breed Red Bourbons for Thanksgiving.. Our Pigs are a mix of Duroc and Yorkshire good Bacon and Ham.

Listing last updated on Apr 11, 2009

Fertile Hatching Eggs Available, For Americana, Delawares. 2.00/egg

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We love your eggs, and go out of our way to buy them at the Sausage Kitchen on Main St. Thanks for providing a great flavorful egg for some happy Lisbon Falls customers!

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