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With tangerine trees and marmalade skies. A citrus with an exceptionally good karma. Tangerines are a symbol of happiness and prosperity in China, where they are given at weddings and at the Lunar New Year, preferably with a couple of leaves still attached.

Tangerines are about the size of an orange but slightly "necked" at the base and much easier to peel. There is sometimes a bit of confusion between tangerine and mandarin, they are basically the same thing but people in the trade refer to the types with the dark red-orange skin as tangerines.

Extremely juicy and sweet. Expect to find seeds but don't let that deter you, all the best fruits with a marked personality have them.

Tangerine trees were grown extensively in China and Japan before being introduced to Europe. They did not get to America until the mid 19th century, thanks to the Italian consul in New Orleans at the time who planted a tree in the consulate garden which eventually made its way to Florida and California.

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