Tarheelbilly Apiary and Microfarm

We keep bees and sell honey from our tiny 1/4 acre in Jason Crossroads, NC. We are multigenerational farmers. Ben grew up raising cattle, tobacco, and vegetable crops in his native West Virginia. I, Charis, am a NC native, having grown up with subsistence farmers who raised their own vegetables, fruit, and pork. We consider ourselves to be homesteaders, and we eat what we grow, make what we use, and strive to balance our enjoyment and use of modern conveniences with skills that have been passed down to us from our families. We also raise registered Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, and mini-Nubian goats for milk. Occasionally we have kids for sale, so please inquire if you are interested.

Our family uses no pesticides or interventions with our bees. We do not pasteurize our honey. We collect enough for us to use throughout the year leaving the bees with enough to make it through the winter, strain and bottle the honey using our stainless steel extractor and food grade materials, and offer the excess for friends and neighbors to enjoy. We are members of the Neuse Regional Beekeeping Association and the North Carolina Beekeeping Association. We sell honey by the pint and quart. Additional quantities are available upon request.

This winter, we will add 100% pure Maple syrup to our inventory. Ben taps trees on the Ohio Walker farm and cooks the sap into syrup. This very labor-intensive process is a time honored tradition in many communities, and in keeping with our ideas about self-sufficiency and responsible stewardship, we will offer this product in March 2014. Quarts and pints will be available for purchase.


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Schedule and Location:

Farmers market location 2014 to be determined. Thanks for your interest!

Schedule and Location:

Farm stand location 2014 to be determined.

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