Taylor-Burds Poultry

Located along the "Route de Vin" in rural Ste. Genevieve County, our homestead has been mostly organic for the past 27 years. We are pleased to be able to offer truly "free range" chicken eggs for local pickup.

Our hens, various breeds from Murray McMurray Hatcheries in Iowa, lay brown and green eggs. Diet: in addition to non-medicated feed, we let them roam free over our seven acres where they eat a natural diet which gives their eggs the characteristic color and flavor of truly "free-range" chickens.

(For more information, and nutritional study results, go to Mother Earth News and search for "The Chicken and Egg Page" and "Free Range vs. Pastured: Chicken and Eggs")

We're on the way to Cave Winery, so email or call ahead and order a dozen pastured eggs. You'll never go back to store-bought again! $3.50/dozen.

Listing last updated on May 29, 2013

Pastured Chickens are Happy Chickens! No cages, no confinement buildings, no overcrowding. Fresh air, organic pastures, and a border collie to keep an eye on them.

**Our new hens are producing well! But, as a small operation, we are getting only two dozen eggs per day, so please email or call ahead if you want to pick up eggs.**

Noticed the price of corn? Producers have! Feed doubled in the last year!

What is "cage free"? Chickens can be in a confinement building and be "cage free!"

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The Taylor-Burds eggs are the best eggs I have ever eaten. My family loves them. The yolks are dark yellow-to-orange and are huge! The freshness is evident in the sight and taste.... [more]

I grew up on a farm and we always had farm fresh eggs and fresh, cow's milk. Now, we are retired and live in the city of St Louis.

There are two main differences in the eggs from free range chickens and the eggs from caged chickens.... [more]

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