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We started our farm in 2002 raising natural colored Pygora Goats for fiber which we are soon processing for sale. We support 4H interns and farm tours on request. We have a small 6 Polled Herfords herd that we are raising all healthy natural grass feed for meat sale, no inoculations, harmones or grains/corn are feed, this year is the first stear we have butchered, tremendous meat. Looking forward to springs calves. We raise a variety of free range Chickens for meat and eggs. Currently we have grass feed meat, small quantities of fresh frozen chickens and lots of eggs to sell. We would like to find several bakeries to sell our eggs to.

Listing last updated on Oct 7, 2004

We have Gold and Silver Link chickens just beginning to lay, so come and get your farm fresh eggs. We have a 3 month old calf being bottle feed twice a day, if you would like to hold a bottle at feeding time give us a call and schedule a visit.

Schedule and Location:

EGGS: Call prior to picking up fresh eggs, our current rotation for eggs is every three days, you can collect your own if you like, we are available for visitors after 8AM till before 5PM dinner.

GRASS FEED HERFORD MEAT: Call to see when our next yearling will be butchered.

TOUR OF FARM: We love visitors, our Pygora goats, cows and chickens are very curious of visitors.

4H MEMBERS or WANT TO BE PART OF 4H: If you are interested in our goats, cows or chickens, as a project and love animals, have your parents contact us by phone for a visit and discussion about how we can help you with your project. If you don't have an animal, we will let you adopt one, no cost to you.

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