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I hold a NYS permit to sell raw goat and cow milk. My milk sells for $10 / gallon - bring your own container. Or become a shareholder. By appointment only, please call 716-807-2963. 2014 We now offer farmstead Cheese, yogurt and other milk products. http://www.teacupfarmandtidbits.com/

I at times have some extra eggs.

I have a wonderful goat milk soap for sale - $4.75 a bar. Check out my web site!

Farmstead Cheese, Yogurt and Fudge Chevre $8.00 8 oz goat cheese Flavored Chevre $9.00 8 oz Cheese curd plain $8.00 6 oz goat or cow Cheese curds Flavored $9.00 6 oz Mozzarella $8.00 8 oz $15.00 pound goat or cow Cheddar $16.00 8 oz $28.00 pound goat and cow Yogurt $3.75 Quart $1.75 8 oz. goat or cow Feta $9.00 6 oz $18.00 pound goat Cottage Cheese $8.00 8 oz cow Ricotta $8.00 8 oz cow Fromage Blanc $8.00 8 oz cow Fromage Blanc Flavored $9.00 8 oz Fudge 6 oz. $8. goat milk fudge

Milk storage and handling tips:

All types of milk are considered a highly perishable item and extreme care should be taken when handled. We give our pasteurized milk a 12 day best by date, although if handled correctly, should last longer than this. Our Raw milk has been known to keep even longer if kept very cold it lasts 3 weeks or more.

-Store milk between 32º and 38º -Avoid heat shock, do not leave milk out for a prolonged period of time -The shelf life of milk is shortened by a full 50% for every five degree rise in temperature over 38º. -Average shelf life at 38º is 10 - 14 days -Do not store milk on your refrigerator door- every time you open the door, the milk is exposed to higher temp's resulting in a shorter shelf life


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Since:  2014

Full Share:  Farm pick up CSA option I may offer is $25 a week which includes 1 gallon of low temperature goat or cow milk. 8oz of cheese of my choice and 1 quart of yogurt. $250 for 10 weeks. With farm pick up $28 a week. $280 prepaid 10 weeks, if I get 10 CSA fa

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Schedule and Location:

call anytime

Schedule and Location:

Anytime call ahead 716-807-2963

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We buy raw cow's milk from Teacup, not because it's raw, but because it's a small farm where they let the cows and goats out to roam the pasture. They really take good care of the animals.

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