Temple Oranges

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Temple Oranges

(Feb-Mar) Temple Oranges are an heirloom variety known in it's heyday as "The King of Citrus".

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Temple Orange was discovered as a chance seedling in Jamaica on an 1896 expedition. It was brought in to Florida about 1916, and by the 40's and 50's was one of the most popular fresh fruit varieties planted in Florida. Temple has a truly unique flavor -- nothing else is even remotely like it -- and is easy to peel or can be sliced or juiced.

Temple is a very delicate fruit. In these days of homogenized bulletproof varieties that stand up well to grocery store first in-first out computerized inventory systems, Temples don't hold up in that market. The Orange Shop uses the same handling practices developed by our grandfathers, who sold a lot of Temples, so we still sell them like crazy all spring.

Most years, Temple has more sugar in the juice than any other variety, with also a fairly high citric acid level, so the flavor has a distinctive punch. It's been a Spyke family favorite for three generations, and we're one of the few growers still planting young trees and looking toward the future.

Try a box, or surprise family and friends. You'll never forget your first Temple -- guaranteed!

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