Temple-Wilton Community Farm

We are a small licensed dairy farm with an on-farm store. We have been selling raw milk on a bring your own bottle basis for over twenty years. We also sell yogurt made here on the farm. Our cows eat mostly pasture for 5 or 6 months of the year and eat our own hay and a small amount of grain for the rest of the year. We use no synthetic substances on the land. Antibiotics are used only as needed for treatment of a sick cow, never in feed. Awarded New Hampshire Dairy of Distinction in 2006 by Department of Health and Human Services.

We also offer eggs from our pastured laying hens (available in the farm store). Additionally, we offer pastured meat chickens and pastured pork for sale to farm members and the public, too. Our meat chickens and pigs are raised exclusively on pasture and woodlands (never confined) and are fed an organically grown feed mix that does not contain any antibiotics or hormones. We raise the slower growing, tastier type of meat chickens (Red Rangers), so our chickens are much healthier than the conventional Cornish Cross chickens raised in confinement. All of our Tamworth cross pigs are born and bred here on the farm. In addition to pork, we also have feeder pigs available in the spring and fall for you to grow out your own pigs.


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One of the oldest CSAs in the country, Temple-Wilton Community Farm is proud to offer for sale to the healthy eating public the following delicious food choices:

-Raw Milk from our grass-fed Ayrshire cows

-Incredible eggs from our pastured laying hens!

-Pasture-raised meat chickens (Real chicken taste, no funny stuff!)

-Pastured Pork (Happy pigs, healthy pork!)

Schedule and Location:

Milk is picked up at 195 Isaac Frye Highway anytime.
Filling is done in the mornings.

Eggs are available in the farm store year-round.

Meat chickens and pastured pork are available seasonally. Pre-order both by emailing us at twcf.pasturedmeats@gmail.com

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