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Ten Mile Farm is a small, family-owned farm located just outside the city limits of Lancaster, Texas. We sell delicious, healthful brown and blue/green eggs from our free-range chickens. We currently have four breeds of chickens: Barred Rocks (a descendant of the heritage breed Plymouth Rock), Rhode Island Reds, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, and Easter Eggers. We allow them to range freely all over our property, and they do a great job of keeping the bug population in check. We feed them premium, all natural feed, and our research shows that this healthy diet helps produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol. We take a page from Blue Bell Ice Cream's philosophy when it comes to the eggs - that is, we eat all we can and we sell the rest.

We also breed Nigerian Dwarf goats and offer kids for adoption into good homes every year. Nigerian Dwarf goats generally have a very sweet disposition, are much smaller than standard breeds, and thus make excellent pets. They also produce delicious, healthful milk. We drink it raw (unpasteurized), and use it to make unbelievably good homemade ice cream. We're also becoming fairly proficient at making tasty chevre, traditional soft cheese made from goat milk. Sorry, but we're not licensed to sell our milk or dairy products - the annual licensing fee is just cost-prohibitive for our small farm. We are, however, happy to help you get started with your own dairy goats and teach you how to care for them so you can produce your own delicious milk.


Listing last updated on Jun 18, 2011

Most people agree that eggs from free-range chickens taste better than regular eggs from the store (IE, eggs from chickens at big factory farms), but did you know that eggs from free-range chickens are also more nutritious? Studies show that eggs from farms like ours have:

* 4-6 times as much vitamin D * 3 times more vitamin E * 2/3 more vitamin A * 7 times more beta carotene * 2 times more omega 3 fatty acids * 1/3 less cholesterol * 1/4 less saturated fat

Schedule and Location:

Please call Lynnette at 214-616-6961 to make arrangements to come to the farm to pick up fresh eggs. We live, work, and play here, so we're home most of the time. If you get voice mail, we're probably just out feeding the animals or working in the garden, so please leave a message!

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