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We are committed to growing only heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits and grains, from organic and non-GMO seed, and with sustainable methods that work with Nature. Our goal is to provide the finest in taste and quality with every product we offer, so that each bite will be bursting with all the health and goodness homegrown, REAL food should have.

We will be selling our specialty produce at the C-Street Farmer's Market from May to October this year, and will have a limited number of heirloom vegetable seedlings available the first few weeks. In addition to non-hybrid, homestead and traditional varieties of vegetables, we will be growing culinary and traditionally medicinal herbs and will have fresh cut sprigs, dried herb, and potted plants available this summer.

We also have a large flock of heritage breed chickens, including Speckled Sussex, Welsumer, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Australorp, Brahmas, Orpingtons and several Ameraucanas (for their beautiful greenish-blue eggs). Free range, pasture fed and naturally grown fresh brown eggs are currently available for on-the-farm pick up for $2 a dozen, and may be available at the farmer's markets we participate in this year (when our flock gets large enough to warrant getting an egg license. :)

With the addition of a greenhouse and several cold frames this fall, we plan to offer fresh, seasonal produce year round in the very near future.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, and thank you for supporting local farmers!

Zee Gypsy FarmGirl


Listing last updated on Mar 25, 2010

Just planted Atomic Red and Cosmic Purple carrots this week, along with Five Color Silverbeet Swiss Chard, Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach, Dwarf Grey Sugar Snap Peas, Rocky Top Lettuce Mix from Baker Creek Seed, and White Hailstone Radish.

Next up to go in the ground: Irish Cobbler and Red Norland Potatoes! I love Spring...

Schedule and Location:

C-Street Farmer's Market, May 8th through October; Saturdays 9am to 2pm. Located on historic Commercial Street, by the Jefferson Ave footbridge. We will be under the permanent red pavilion--see you there!

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