Tender-kernel Yellow Popcorn

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Tender-kernel Yellow Popcorn

Tender-kernel popcorn grown permaculturally without pesticides, fertilizers or tillage; from Salamander Springs Farm, Berea, KY

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Tender-kernel yellow popcorn grown at Salamander Springs Farm, Berea, KY, without pesticides or fertilizers of any kind. The popcorn is hand harvested, shelled and winnowed at the farm starting in mid-September.
Popcorn is best stored in the freezer to ensure moisture level remains below 15% for best popping. The refrigerator is fine for shorter term use. Popcorn is a delicious and nutritious snack...fast food at its best! Just cover the bottom of a heavy kettle with 1/8" oil (olive or coconut oil best for your health), add enough popcorn to cover the bottom about 1/4" deep. Place lid on kettle loosely and put on medium-high heat. Jiggle the kettle until the corn almost stops popping. Remove from heat and dump in a bowl and sprinkle with salt, nutritional yeast and other seasonings. You can also melt butter to drizzle on top.
Salamander Springs Farm is a small-scale unmechanized farm designed and managing using permaculture principles and practices. We use cover crops, organic compost and mulches instead of extracted petroleum-based fertilizers or pesticides. Our soil is not treated like dirt - tilled into dust to erode away - it is teaming with life and stable organic nutrients which feed our crops naturally.

Salamander Springs Farm grain & bean fields, market gardens, orchard, nut trees and pasture are developed and managed based on permaculture principles.

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