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Terra Cantata is a small family farm and habitat sanctuary in Laingsburg, Michigan. Terra means land, or earth. A cantata is a story sung in many voices. We try to steward our land so it is a harmonious cantata of diverse plants and animals, wild and domestic. We creatively integrate methods from perennial polyculture, grass-based farming, organic and humane standards, and habitat conservation practices.

Terra Cantata offers lovely and useful items for daily life that we create from materials from our land. We also sell do-it-yourself kits so you can make items for yourself or for gifts. If you have your mind on your own creative project, we may have the natural materials you are seeking.

The materials we use include dried ornamental plants from our gardens, native grasses from our five acre native prairie, and responsibly wildcrafted plant cuttings from the meadows, woodlands and wetlands that we steward. From our humanely raised, pastured animals (chickens, BBB & heritage turkeys, geese, ducks and sheep), we are blessed to have large blown eggs (white and colored), gorgeous feathers and sheepskin pelts. We will eventually add wool into our mix (for now we use locally raised wool and recycled wool). Currently, any meat we harvest is used by our own family and friends.

Our 2011-2012 products and kits fall into several categories. We are exploring hair and clothing accessories, dried bouquets and wooden wall bouquet holders, seasonal and holiday crafts and decorations (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Solstice), blown egg and gourd ornaments, craft kits for kids and birthday parties, toys for pets, and special items for wild bird watchers. My husband is a woodworker who creates lovely items from our sustainably managed woodlands. Many of our kits can be given as gifts or used to create affordable gifts.

At Terra Cantata we support the idea of fiber sheds. A watershed provides a region with its water; a fiber shed provides material resources. Just as people can build healthy ecosystems and economies by eating locally, they can also craft and create locally. When your life is filled with beautiful, useful and playful items made from natural materials, it gives you an enduring connection to the land; a tangible connection you can see and feel throughout the day and year. And when you add your own creativity to natural materials, it helps you nourish something unique and vital in yourself.

We hope you will visit our Local Harvest listing often to see what lovely and fun items appear! We would also love to hear your ideas.

Thank you so much for letting us tell you about us!


Listing last updated on Nov 23, 2011

Terra Cantata is a sustainable family farm and habitat sanctuary in mid-Michigan. We use natural materials from our land to create beautiful, useful & playful items. We also offer kits for creating lovely & fun handmade items for yourself, your home, your pets, or as gifts. Crafters can use our gourds, dried plants (ornamental, native & wild), feathers (turkey, chicken, duck, goose) and blown eggs. Using natural. local materials is a way to build healthy ecosystems & feel connected to the land.

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