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Texas Range Wildflower Honey is a world away from that store bought stuff. We offer Local Creamed Honey as well as fresh extracted raw range wildflower honey. Available in Light nectar and our special Dark nectar honey. In season we feature our Cut-Comb Range Honey. We also offer a very special sweet Texas Range Honey Gift Crate and we ship every order in 1-day. Try our Texas Range Honey and you will taste the difference.Guaranteed! We are GO TEXAN Certified and proud of it.

Listing last updated on Mar 11, 2009

Natural Texas Range Honey is unfiltered, Raw Texas Wildflower Honey at its best! We offer a good selection of Texas Local Creamed Honey as well. Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach and Traditional made with REAL FRUIT!

Schedule and Location:

Old Bank Building *circa 1913
116 Main Street
Weston, Texas

Schedule and Location:

Old Red Barn ( Elmont Farmers Market)
Cross Road Intersection:
Elmont, Texas
Saturday & Sunday 8am to 3pm every weekend

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