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The All In 1 Basket Farm is a family owned and operated 10 acre farm located about 30 miles north of Springfield, Missouri. It started in 2007 as a family project raising turkeys and chickens in addition to our garden and has become a work in progress. Our mission is to live as naturally as possible and produce as much of our own food items as we can, and do that with no artificial chemicals or fertilizers. In order to do this we practice crop rotation and sustainable agricultural practices to care for our plants and animals. Our goal is to be able to share the wonders of our life with others through the animals and products we raise. We have raised heritage turkeys since 2007, and have just recently changed to the Narragansett breed of turkeys. That is the turkey shown in the picture. We have a breeding flock of 7 hens and 2 toms to start the 2012 season. We have our own incubators and take the turkeys from the egg all the way through processing here on the farm. Additionally we have a pair of Emden geese for those of you who like roast goose. Our chickens are a mixed bunch. We started mostly with Americana chickens, also known as Easter Egger chickens, and have added Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. So our eggs range in color from dark brown to light green and even a nice blue color. But on the inside, they are all the same with big yellow yolks that stand up when you crack them open. We have plans for starting an orchard and also to begin raising pork in 2012. The orchard will take several years to begin producing, but the first round of pork should be available by summer. I learned how to garden beside my mother when I was quite young, and have always grown something no matter where I have been. Since moving here I have had more garden than ever before. The garden contains all the standard vegetables and more, plus I have developed a love for growing herbs and hope to expand that. In addition to the garden we have several patches of Blackberries and Black Raspberries that produce quite well, and a Strawberry patch I hope continues to improve. Our plan is to use the 2012 year as a trial to see how well we can produce larger quantities of things and try to market them through the farmers market. If that works satisfactorily we plan to start a CSA in the spring of 2013. We have done pretty well for ourselves, and would rather put it off by one year to make sure we have things organized that to get in over our heads and ruin the experience for everyone. We are not Certified Organic or any of the other labels people look for, although we will consider pursuing the appropriate ones in the future. But we have always been aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and tried to avoid them and use the natural fertilizer provided by our animals instead. We would be happy to discuss our practices and experiences with any one who is interested. Thank you for checking out our site.


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We raise turkeys, chickens and geese on 10 acres in south central Missouri. We strive to be as close to nature as we can and raise things naturally. We pasture all our poultry on clover and grass and they think they have the run of the place. We also get eggs from all our birds in season, some we hatch, most we sell. Additionally we have a garden where we raise many vegetables, herbs and berries. As the name implies, we try to do just about everything here.

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