The Anthill Farm

Restoring the farmland has been our primary mission at the Anthill. The transformation from an old dairy farm into a production permaculture system capable of providing sustenance in the form of proteins, oils, and carbohydrates and also fruits and berries.

In addition to this perennial system we've been building, we grow several acres of vegetables and raise cattle which we move through our fields and trees, this creates a periodic pulsing of nutrients and biology into the land.

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Schedule and Location:

Main Street Market @ The Cooperage - HONESDALE - Wednesday - 4pm-6pm

WINTER MARKET @ The Cooperage - HONESDALE - Saturday 11am-1pm

We work with a local food hub, The Lackawaxen Farm Company. For access to our products and LFC's Online Store, go to

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Your guys rock.... the farm is gorgeous!! The amount of work is reflected on the land and the effort to bring sustainable ag to the area is a real challenge which makes me admire you even more.

Id love to see you soon

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