The Berry Patch

Our farm is family owned and operated. We grow fruits that are climated to our area. Our main crops are blueberries with cherries and apples to follow. We also have grapes, elderberries,raspberries, peaches, pears, plums, red currants, jostaberries and have some very young nut trees in the ground.

We always offer free wild strawberries in July. We have a whole field full of them and if you have the patience to pick the small sweet berries, they make the best jam you will ever taste! It's also a huge plus for a fun day out with the kids.


We are very family oriented. We encourage children here. We love the fact that families get their children involved in natural farmming practices and healthy eating at young ages. We do however ask that you remain with your children and are responsible for their actions so that no unintentional damage is caused to the bushes and trees. We know children don't mean any harm therefore we ask that you stay nearby when they are excited to make sure they don't have any accidents! Thanks!

We are also open to do tours for local schools, church groups, or any other organization that is interested in learning more about what we do. We are very excited about our farm and get even more excited when others show interest too. We think it's a great thing to pass on our experience!

Although we are still considered young, we see more and more new growth and a bit more of a crop every year. We also expand our crop every year. This year we added 40 new fruit trees and 100 more blueberry bushes . We can never wait to get our hands in the dirt!!

We are also purchasing more land to add to the farm in the spring. That will make the farm a whopping 33 acres in total size. We have exciting plans comming in the near future. Incluing "Luchini's Smokehouse" for our family secret recipies of smoked pork sausage, beef sausage, jerkies, beef sticks, pepperoni and cheeses. It is now open for business!

Also a plus for making the visit is the beautiful scenery of Elk Country. We have visits from Elk in the Spring and in the Fall. They can be quite pesty creatures but also very beautiful. If you have never seen one you are in for a treat. Have your camera with you, you just may get the picture of a lifetime while in the area.

We look forward to meeting all who visit and hope to have a good crop to share in the years to come! Please call first to see what is avaliable as we will sell out fast as our crops are not that big just yet.

Thank you!


Listing last updated on May 1, 2012


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Please call for crop avaliablility.

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