THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille 100% Grass Fed Beef Dog Treats

Kettering, Ohio
Family Farm

THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille 100% Grass Fed Beef Dog Treats

THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille creates hand crafted gourmet dog treats using the beef, liver and home made bone marrow broth from our 100% grass fed beef raised and pastured on THE Clark Family Farm.

*Our all natural dog treats are Gluten free, Non-GMO, Hormone free, Antibiotic free and Steroid free.*

The 100% grass fed Beef, Liver and Marrow Bones we use for our Luscious Liver Muffins and our Bow Wow Brewskis are from our farm, THE Clark Family Farm, located in New Carlisle, Ohio.

Mary Ann Clark- Layton maintains THE Clark Family Farm and Karen Clark-Tinney runs the operations of THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille.

Our Scottish Highland/Angus cattle are naturally pastured and are 100% grass fed beef. They are never fed any corn or soy products during their lifetime. We do not administer any antibiotics, hormones or steroids to our herd.

They eat pesticide free dried grasses during the winter and also graze on fresh winter grasses in our pastures. Additionally, we follow organic guidelines and do not use any pesticides on our pastures. Our Luscious Liver Muffins are made with organic free range chicken eggs from Palara Farm and Morning Sun Farms, several local farms within the Dayton, Cedarville, New Carlisle area and we are currently using butter from the Hartzler dairy farm.

Our gluten free grains are ground by Leigh Davis, owner of Libery Market in Kettering, Ohio to ensure that the organic gluten free grains used for our dog treats are fresh! Liberty Market has a site on Local Harvest so be sure to check them out!

THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille's goal is to provide a dog treat that is both delicious and healthy for your dog. You'll find that your dogs will go...wild...for the flavor! Check out our Facebook page and our Youtube video of Dogs Gone Wild for some real reactions!

Isn't it time you treated your pet to a treat that is made using 100% grass fed beef and liver? There's nothing artificial in our dog treats. The only preservative in our Luscious Liver Muffins is Vitamin E.

We recommend keeping the Luscious Liver Muffin treats frozen and then placed in the refrigerator the day you intend to feed them to your dog. Allow them to thaw for a minimum of 30 minutes at room temperature before feeding. Prepare yourself to be amazed how your dog will soon start "barking" at your refrigerator door for more!

Our Bow Wow Brewskis are prepared by simmering our 100% grass fed beef marrow bones for a minimum of 18 hours to produce a nutrient rich broth that we also use in our Luscious Liver Muffins.

Once opened you can also freeze the Brewski juice in ice cube trays and give as individual ice treats or thaw and pour over your dogs dry food. Don't microwave your ice cubes as this destroys the joint nutrients that are in our broth: just add some hot water and allow them to melt before serving. Your dog will appreciate the effort!

THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille wishes your Dogs and You a long and healthy life!!!


Listing last updated on Mar 31, 2014

THE Bow Wow Bakery Bar & Grille, bakers of Luscious Liver Muffin 100% grass fed Beef and Liver dog treats and brewers of Bow Wow Bone Broth Brewskis. Hand crafted organic dog treats using THE Clark Family Farm's 100% grass fed Scottish Highland/Black Angus Beef, Liver and Marrow Bones. You can find our Luscious Liver Muffins in all 3 of the Dorothy Lane Market stores and Liberty Market of Kettering. Look for our treats in the freezer section next to several other frozen dog food items.

Our Luscious Liver Muffins and our Bow Wow Bone Broth Brewskis are available for Fund Raising events.
We also sell direct to grocery stores, pet food stores, veterinarians, dog groomers and boutique stores.

Available at all 3 Dorothy Lane Market Stores and Liberty Market of Kettering.

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