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We are located in Catskill, NY at the home of Beacon of Light Healing where Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Cranio Sacral Therapy is offered. We have a flock of 9 girls consisting of Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Black Sex Link and Ameraucana. They are a happy flock as they are free range to pick through the garden, grass and woods looking for bugs and worms, getting lots of sun and fresh air up on the mountainside!

Our girls are fed a local Certified Organic Soy - Free & Canola Meal Free feed and are supplemented with Organic scratch grains, freshly ground organic flaxseed, organic yogurt, organic greens and lots more! This flock is hormone free and antibiotic free. As you can see they are our spoiled bunch of very healthy and happy feathered friends!

Our goal at The Chicken Run is to raise happy, healthy chickens that produce clean, nutritious Soy-Free and Canola Meal Free eggs and to be able to offer our excess eggs to the public at at reasonable cost. We ask $4.50 per dozen. If you bring us an empty egg carton you get .50 Cents off! The girls lay brown, blue and a few green eggs!

The egg sizes run between large to extra large. The eggs our girls produce have very large deep orange yolks with a tight fitting white around the yolk with hard shells. You will receive a carton of mixed sized eggs as we don't sort them, to keep our eggs rotated and as fresh as possible for our customers. We offer a .50 cent discount if you bring an empty carton for your eggs! We love that you help us keep our cost to you down and help the environment by recycling the egg cartons!

Give us a call before you come to see what is available. The word is getting around and they go pretty fast! You won't be disappointed!

Side note; the reasons we feed an organic Soy free and Canola meal free feed is that most, if not all soy and canola is GMO. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. If you read enough about either Soy or Canola you will find stories that are not conducive to good health by eating these products whether they are GMO or not. It has been found that folks that have been allergic to eggs actually have this due to the soy or canola the chickens are fed. Many feed companies use soy and canola meal because it is a cheep source of protein. Here at the chicken run we strive to feed the best to our animals and to bring you the best product to market. Thank you for considering purchasing your eggs at The Chicken Run!


Listing last updated on Jan 11, 2014

Organic, Soy Free, Canola Meal Free, Free Range, Cage Free, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, High Omega-3 $4.50 per dozen Please help us Recycle and bring an empty egg carton for .50 cents off!

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