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We are a small family farm located in central Missouri where we grow and raise as much of our own food as possible. Each year we have gardens of heirloom fruits & vegetables including blackberries, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, asparagus, rhubarb, mixed greens, raspberries, sweet potatoes, squash and beans. Many of the varieties we grow are featured in the Slow Ark of Taste. The garden is kept free of pesky bugs by our free ranging guinea fowl. We grow heritage pigs, Delaware chickens, guinea fowl, and Sweet grass turkeys by special order. We also raise Saannen goats to provide fresh milk and cheese. Our animals live a great life on pasture with plenty of room, sunshine, fresh air, and a natural diet free of hormones or medications. They are love and well-cared for while they are alive; then humanely and quickly killed here at the farm where they grew up.

In 2012 we began offering country living skills classes. We can show you how to grow a garden, freeze blackberries, make jam, can tomatoes, raise livestock, milk a goat, butcher a chicken, put up a fence, start a strawberry bed, raise rhubarb and much more. We love to share our knowledge with others and empower them to begin growing and raising their own food. Class registration information can be found at our website,


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We raise pastured guinea fowl, heritage chickens & turkeys raised without hormones, antibiotics or medications. Heritage pigs raised in the same manner are available by special order. The Country Life 101 offers classes teaching your how to grow and raise your own food.

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Guinea fowl are available wholesale upon request.

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