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The Dancing Farmer & Dancing Farmer Flowers

At The Dancing Farmer we grow and select our cut flowers for fragrance, color, pattern or just the simple overall delightfulness that we and others respond to. We love to be surprised by the stunning complexity of a flower or a branch, and to that end we are always trying out new types of flowers and other plants with ornamental value. In addition to sustainable cut flowers we also offer herbs for beauty in bouquets and adding flavor to a dish. Some of our herbs cross the line between form (beauty) and function (medicine).

We strive through our organic and sustainable practices to do no harm to the environment so that you can be confident your cut flowers are safe to smell, wear, and eat if you so desire. We also work hard to build soil fertility by adding back what we take away in the form of animal: rabbit, horse, cow, and cover crops: clovers, buckwheat, vetch etc. and use only natural forms of pest control ---which sometimes means we let them live! In addition, for help with soil fertility, we also raise heritage breed Silver Fox rabbits for eating, show and garden help (please contact us with your interest for breeding stock of these fabulously beautiful rabbits)

Occasionally we will have other produce or products. Please see our For Sale page on our web site, or email us, to see an up to date list of all animals and products currently for sale.

All our products are "naturally grown". We use only the highest standards but choose not to be certified organic.


Listing last updated on Apr 7, 2013

Local and naturally grown cut flowers for any occasion from annuals, perennials and shrubs.

Pedigreed heritage breed Silver Fox rabbit breeding stock.

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