The Double L Ranch

CSA's available for "All Natural" grown vegetables & herbs. "All Natural" chicken or duck eggs are available year round and may be set up for as CSA also. Customization of CSA orders are possible. We are a small, family operated, farm where everything is grown on our farm. We do this to maintain control of knowing what we produce and know what is added to what we eat. Gardening is completed in an all natural manner. Weeding is completed by hand without the use of herbicides, pesticides or other synthetic chemicals. The garden fertilizer is all natural materials we compost. The chickens and ducks are free of medications, animal or fish by-products, antibiotics and hormones. Whole fryer chickens are available and average 4-5 pounds. The chickens are processed by a local, USDA inspected Amish organic processing facility. The Heritage breed Rhode Island Red Chickens and the Magpie Ducks are free ranged and eat an all natural diet. The Rhode Island Red Chicken is listed with Slow Foods "Ark of Taste" and is in the recovering category and the Magpie Duck is in the critical category for the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Also available are large, thick kombucha lichen mushroom rounds to make homemade kombucha tea and dried sage sticks as incense or as smudge sticks. I will be happy to answer any questions, so please email or call. You give us purpose to grow our food and raise our animals by purchasing from local farmers like us. Thank you for your support and in turn you are receiving fantastic "All Natural" products for you!


Listing last updated on Apr 11, 2013

All Natural products available: Vegetables, Herbs, Whole fryer chickens, Chicken eggs, Duck eggs, Custom CSA's, Dried Herbs, Dried Hot Peppers, Sage Sticks, Kombucha Lichens / Mushrooms

Season:  July through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2003

# of Shares:  3

Full Share:  $25/week

1/2 Share:  Pick up 2 times per month

Work Req?  No

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