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I've dried food for over 30 years and as s result I have written 5 books on food drying. For 5 years I've been taking my dried rhubarb sauce (Rhubarb Lace) to our local farmers markets.

Each year I've added several other dried foods to what I am now referring to as my line of dried food (Ma Bell's). In addition to my dried rhubarb sauce called Rhubarb Lace, I have dried bananas, dried tomatoes, dried eggplant, a totally pure pet treat called Gobbles and I hope to add dried horseradish and zucchini chips in the near future.

We currently have 120+ rhubarb plants and, when possible, I hope to be able to sell rhubarb to those in other areas that have difficulty getting it.

I believe that by drying food when it is in season that it is possible to sell it out of season and receive a fair price. For example, when eggplant is available the price goes down and when it is no longer available it goes up or is difficult to get. Eggplant is one of those foods that is difficult to can, cold-store or freeze, but drying creates a fantastic product. One package equals one eggplant and it rehydrates beautifully.

My latest book, Food Drying with an Attitude provides lots of information and recipes to create and utilitze dried food.


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Schedule and Location:

Lanesboro, MN on Saturday from 9 to noon.
Rochester, MN on Saturday from 7 to noon.
St. Paul, MN on Saturday from 8 to noon.

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