The Egg Lady

I changed my flock last year, I still have my crippled goose, Lucy & her devoted mate Toulouse. I found a mate, Gracie" for their 4 year old son George & added another breeding pair, Maggie & Mitchell.

I've temporarily given up on raising guineas & wild least for the time being. I have 2 female wild turkeys left. My emu starting laying eggs again last year after waiting for 8 years since her last egg! I'm hoping she'll lay eggs again this year.

The Call Ducks (miniatures) are doing great. My foundation pair, Tony & Ziva hatched out 14 babies last year. The rest of her eggs went to a pastry chef. I expanded my gene pool last year & now have 12 breeding pairs of the cute little Call Ducks.

Now that spring is on here & the days are getting longer, a couple of my young ducks have started laying eggs!!! And I've added a pen with a Red Golden Pheasant breeding pair, so there is much excitement in the barnyard!!!

I keep my birds in a fenced in area due to the coyotes who roam the mountain valley where I live. My flock thinks that all chickens, ducks, pheasants & geese live like they do. They are my constant companions while I dig in my garden. I would like to find an outlet for all the "extra eggs" that I seem to end up with.

I started making herbal ice creams for my neighbors last year & had a hard time keeping up with requests for dinner parties...if anyone is interested in trying some, just let me know. So far, I've had the best success with Sage, Basil, Rosemary & Honey Thyme...goes great with all those angel food cakes I make with all the eggs I have.


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