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Eggs at The Family Farm are produced from hens out on pasture and in adjoining wooded areas, rain or shine, eating bugs, fresh grass, and other 100% natural foods. We never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In order to keep the chickens safe at night, we provide movable housing for them to roost and guardian flock dogs to protect them during the day. The mobile roosts are moved to fresh grass every other day.

The eggs have rich, tasty dark orange yolks and come in many different colors!

We also have fertilized eggs available for purchase if you wish to hatch your own chicks. Advance notice is needed so we can assure you the best possible eggs for incubating.

Our last processing of the Cornish cross chickens was November 22nd. We will run another batch in the late winter as soon as the hatcheries re-open. Our birds are raised on pasture from 4 weeks old to maturity. $2 per chicken share plus $3.75/lb processed. By purchasing the share, you own the chicken and we raise and process it for you. Example: if you want 3 chickens it is $6 for the share and $3.75/lb per bird AFTER plucking and the removal of entrails. Parts are also avail (livers, etc)if requested.


Listing last updated on Nov 24, 2014

Fresh eggs and chickens from The Family Farm! All hens are free range with access to fresh grass pasture and wooded area forage. $5 per dozen. Local Delivery Available. Pastured raised Heritage Chicken shares are also available June-November. $2 per share and $4/lb at processing. example:if you wanted 3 birds it would be $6 plus $4/lb at processing.

Schedule and Location:

Will deliver to Callahan, Hilliard, Northside of Jacksonville, Fl , Jacksonville Beaches, Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach.

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