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Margaret Henry

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The Farmer's Wife is now offering a Flexible CSA What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Simply, you are joining a farm! So why join a CSA? There are several reasons. -You are supporting a local farm and can see where your food comes from. -Fresh produce picked just for you and not treated with horrific chemicals. -Convenient online ordering, boxed and ready for you to dash in and pick up.

How is a flexible CSA different from a regular CSA? CSAs traditionally offer a weekly box of seasonal produce from a local farm. Customers pay up front so the farmer has the cash on hand to buy seeds and equipment, and a guide for what and how much to grow. Some plans also have options that members put in a few hours work on the farm. In exchange you receive an assortment of whatever is ready for harvest that week. That might mean a lot of greens in early spring and an overload of tomatoes in high summer or if there's a blight, no tomatoes at all. But this model is designed to serve the producer and not the customer. And in my opinion, CSA customers get the short end of the stick. If you take a vacation in the summer, you pay for food you never receive. If you want more food one week to throw a party and less the next? Tough luck. The good news is that farmers are getting the message that the customer should have options! The flexible CSA lets customers choose what and how much goes into their weekly box. The cost of your order is deducted from your account, and you can add money whenever needed. You can skip a week or even several months with no penalty. You can spend it all on meat, or if you prefer all on eggs and vegetables or any combination- the choice is yours!

What do you get when you join? Your choice of plants available for your own garden: fresh vegetables including lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, melons, sweet corn, squash, to name a few. You also get the option of ordering meat, eggs, pork, chicken, turkey, and beef. Do you like to can or freeze? Shareholders get 1st choice on specials.

All of my animals are grass-fed, pasture raised. If they are an herbivore, like cows, that is all they get, grass and hay - no grain to mess up their system and the ratios of the Omega Fatty acid profile. Other animals, like pigs and chickens, which are omnivores, get a non GMO, no soy, grain-based ration in addition to pasture that is grown here on the farm using open pollinated, heritage seeds like Wapsie Valley corn. Food like it is meant to be!

What's the catch? There are some caveats to this; I have to know how many chickens you think you might want for the year so I can make sure to grow them in season, May through October. If you want a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving, I need that info ASAP (it takes 26 weeks to raise heritage turkeys). That is just a $20 deposit, as usual, that comes off your account to pay for the chicks up front. The balance is due on delivery, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It can come off your account balance or be paid at pick-up

How do I sign up?

Once you join, you get a weekly email with what is available and order your custom share from the options. Then pick up your order either Thursdays from noon to 6pm at Henry Family Farms, 606 Columbiana Rd., Bessemer, PA, or in Pittsburgh Saturdays between 8am - 1pm in a parking lot adjacent to Firehouse on Penn Avenue in the Strip District. If there is a problem give us a call at or email us to make arrangements. Since you have a year, it is not necessary to place an order every week. If you spend it all and still want to shop, you can always add funds to your account. We aim to please!

CSA Details

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  There are two levels: Small Share - $380 Large Share - $550

1/2 Share:  Small Share - $380

Work Req?  No

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Pick Up / Drop Off Points

Old Firehouse Station parking lot  (Sat)
Members pick up their shares between 9-1"

Contact: Maggie Henry
2212 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The Farmer's Wife  (Thu)
Members pick up their shares at the farm

Contact: Margaret Henry
606 Columbiana Rd.
Bessemer, PA 16112