The Good Earth

The Good Earth is a vegetable farm near Lennox, South Dakota.(South of Sioux Falls)

We operate as a CSA (think vegetable subscription service) and have several convenient pick-up locations throughout the area. We also offer a home delivery service as well as an option to have your box of veggies delivered to your place of employment.

We grow all of our crops naturally. We are in compliance with the USDA organic standard with a one notable exception. Rather than pay to have expensive certified organic manure/fertilizer shipped in, we use manure from a neighbor farmer. Please call or message us if you have questions about or practices!

We have made some changes for the upcoming (2015) growing season. Our deliveries will begin in early-July and continue through early-October. 12-14 weeks total, or roughly two weeks after our first hard frost. Prices are the same as last season ($225/single, $350/Half, or $595/Full). Sioux Falls will offer 3 different pick-up locations-Great Outdoor Store (Tuesdays), The Co-op Natural Foods (Thursday) and JJ's Wine and Spirits (Saturday)

Our pickup stands work differently than when we first started. You won't just swing in, pick up a box, and head out. The stands are set up like small farmers markets. We offer some general guidelines to help you figure out how much to take. But we're flexible-if you know you're going away for the weekend you can take less this week. If you have company and want some extra cucumbers or tomatoes, help yourself. One size box doesn't work for everyone!

We encourage you to try to utilize the pick-up stands as you get more choices and get to customize your share as you see fit. If you simply cannot make it to a stand, we do offer home and office delivery at a reasonable cost.


Listing last updated on Nov 17, 2014

Several different payment plans are available. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Season:  July through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

# of Shares:  300

Full Share:  $595/year

1/2 Share:  $350/year

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays in Sioux Falls, Location to be determined. Please note: our vegetable stand will not offer all of the items available to our CSA members. We will ONLY offer the stand IF we have extra produce that our shareholders cannot consume. The vegetable stand will only be available during peak growing season-August through Mid September.

In 2014 we began selling wholesale to restaurants and grocery stores. We will continue that in 2015. We deal with the wholesale markets in two different ways: first of all, we'll provide a list of available items beginning around the end of July and ending in October. These items will be items that are currently being delivered to our CSA shareholders. If your business would like us to grow something special for you, please contact us so we can discuss how this works. We are more than happy to sit down over the winter and work with your produce manager or executive chef to plan for the upcoming growing season.

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