Our small farm is family owned and tucked away in the quite hills of a deep wooded valley appropriately named, Pleasant Valley. Our hand raised Ameraucana chickens are the special addition to the farm as they treat us with colored eggs. The Ameraucana’s nickname is the “Easter Egg Chicken” because it does indeed lay colored eggs; typically light blue, light green/lime green, and some pinkish in color. Of course the colors are beautiful, but the taste is spectacular. All of our chickens are free-range and sometimes fed fruits and vegetables from the garden. The yolks have a hue of orange that is almost indescribable, if you love eggs these are the type for you.

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Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2008

We are also a wholesale distributor of recycled products such as: Recycled Rubber Mulch & Recycled Lumber (plastic)

Schedule and Location:

Wendesdays from 3-6 p.m. West Salem Bike Shelter, West Salem WI.

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