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We have 20 acres of pasture, homestead, and orchard. The farmhouse is from the 1920's although no one is exactly sure of the age. Luckily, we have neighbors that are able to give us some idea as to the history of the house and the area. Our chicken starter coop is the old generator shed used many years ago to produce electricity for glass batteries that supplied our house with DC power. The chickens in there are smaller and live here until we feel they are ready to go out with the big girls. The picture is of Pip with the new babies we grafted on to her when she was broody. She is showing them the importance of scratching and digging. We keep the mature ladies out in the fields to help with field fertility. We move them regularly and now use a home incubator or broody silky hens to raise babies for us. We don't use petroleum based (think foreign oil) fertilizers thanks to our animals! A dozen eggs are $3.50 and 18 are $5.25. We have our own Belted Galloway cow so at least one steer a year will be birth to butcher on our farm. We are just starting out with Tamworth pigs and have two sows that gave birth to 16 healthy babies. We are now selling pork shares so please contact us if interested. We bought four Rambouillet sheep and eagerly await baby lambs. Stay tuned for lamb and wool.


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We sell mixed eggs from our flock of birds. The birds get a laying feed (Layena) as a staple but they are in the fields all day. We were inspected by VDAC and the eggs are able to be sold to stores and restaurants. Our eggs and this year's pork are Animal Welfare Approved which we are very proud of! We are now on our fifth year of raising beef and our first raising pork and lamb.

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Sell from our house, etc. Email for more information or find us on facebook.

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I always think of Easter eggs that are already colored when I open the package of eggs that Greg delivers. I am always so proud to explain to our guests and actually show them the eggs.... [more]

I have been very impressed with the quality of "The Happy Rooster" eggs. Greg's hens are well cared for, and provided with an environment that encourages healthy, happy hens.... [more]

My parents, children, co-workers and I have been so pleased with the eggs from The Happy Rooster. Not only are they beautiful in the shell, but fresh and delicious for breakfast and in baking, etc.... [more]

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We are doing more blogging type activities on Facebook.  Come find us at "The Happy Rooster" farm on facebook and friend us!  Thanks a bunch.

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