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Welcome to The Orange Shop's 2013-14 season -- our 77th Year! Thanks to all of you who have helped make each one a success.

We have farms in Marion County and St. Lucie County (the heart of the Indian River). The Orange Shop ships Florida Citrus from mid-October through mid-May, and offers bags of oranges and grapefruit, fresh-squeezed orange juice, gourmet jellies and marmalades, and Florida souvenirs and goodies at our Store on US Highway 301 in Citra.

Pete and Cindy Spyke, Owners of The Orange Shop, received the 2010 Florida Ag-Environmental Leadership Award from Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Charles Bronson. The Orange Shop has been growing, packing, and shipping citrus in the Citra, Florida since 1936. The owners, Pete and Cindy Spyke, have received this and other awards for their environmentally-friendly production practices.

-- A note on legacy and heirloom citrus fruit shipping. The Orange Shop is all about the ultimate citrus experience. We ship many legacy and heirloom varieties that are not available commercially because they are tender and delicate. As a result, it's risky for us to ship them, but the flavors are just too good, and we want to provide our customers with opportunities not available anywhere else. The result -- a very small percentage of the packages have problems due to delivery delays or rough handling (which is the reason why the commercial packers don't handle them). If this happens to you, don't despair! Let us know and we'll re-ship immediately.

-- Many people ask whether our fruit is "organic". We don't pursue organic certification through an agency, which is required in order to claim the products are organic. However, we utilize organic principles and practices, and limit the use of sprays and other materials that can cause environmental harm. Therefore, while we do not claim the fruit to be "organic", we can promise that it is safe, and that our production practices have receive numerous awards and recognition for our environmental responsibility, including the State of Florida Environmental Leadership Award from Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson. You can see more information about these on our main web site,



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Package Sizes: Packages contain trays of fruit, each containing 10-15 oranges, 8-12 grapefruit, or 15-25 tangerines. The weight of the fruit in the trays is 8-11 lbs for oranges and grapefruit, and 6-8 lbs for tangerines and mandarins. Smaller fruit have more pieces per tray, and the trays weigh less, than larger fruit (Navels or Grapefruit). 1 Bushel = 4 Trays 3/4 Bushel = 3 Trays 1/2 Bushel = 2 Trays 3/8 Bushel = 1.5 Trays 1/4 Bushel = 1 Tray 3/16 Bushel = .75 Tray

Schedule and Location:

18545 US Highway 301, Citra, FL 32113

Mid-October through Mid-June
7 days a week, 8-5

Florida Honeybells
(From $25.99)


Navels 'n Bells
(From $32.99)


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Great tasting oranges. Very sweet, rind easy to peel off. Absolutely amazing this season. Got half a bushel one night, and they were all gone the next day. Will definitely order more next time.

The Temple oranges smell like a cross between orange sherbert and orange creamcicle, and the Honey tangerines are almost as good. A close second.

We had a combo box just before Christmas that contained Ruby Red grapefruit, which were so spectacular that we reordered a 3/4 bushel box of just grapefruit.... [more]

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Welcome to The Orange Shop's 2012-13 season.  We've started picking this year's crop for the Store on US 301 in Citra, Florida, and we're squeezing THE best Fresh Orange Juice you've ever tasted.  If you get down our way, be sure to stop by -- it's only a short drive off of I75.... [more]

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