The Organic Farm Experience

The Organic Farm experience is an ever evolving journey into a healthier, better way of life for my wonderful SO and I, and for fellow "Permies", organic farmers, gardeners and anyone else who is interested in learning long term sustainable ways of life to grow food through our hands-on work shops we will be holding many weekends throughout the year. Don't worry if you miss a workshop we will be repeating several of them through the course of the year so no one gets left out. The workshops will take a hiatus during the hot summer months so we all don't roast alive but that doesn't mean the gardens and daily permie chores and animal husbandry chores goes on break.

The Organic Farm Experience is your opportunity to experience the growing of fresh organic veggies, herbs, fruits and flowers using a variety of combined gardening methods to work in conjunction WITH nature to produce year round fresh food. "Perma (permanent) (agri) Culture is an ecological design methodology whereby we create relationships between minerals, plants, animals and humans, so that their function and yield are optimized." ~ Bill Mollison

Come tap into the deeper meaning of what it is to grow in partnership with nature on this private, tranquil little gardening get-away.

Just being able to be this close to nature, wildlife, and friendly farm animals working with your hands in the great outdoors once or twice a week will totally refresh your mind, body,soul and spirit. Being this close to nature is a very spiritual experience on a personal level for everyone involved.

Sustainability for us is knowing what we plant now by creating food forests will still be feeding people 30-50 years from now long after we are gone. Having control over eating fresh food that has not been genetically modified with toxic ingredients I can't even pronounce is just one of the perks of growing food in harmony with nature and using what nature provides. We want to farm smarter using renewable energy sources and methods (like our hands, and a little elbow grease.) Come join us and have fun growing your own healthy food! Come spend a day relaxing in the country working in your garden.


Listing last updated on Jan 22, 2014

We grow gourds that can be used for bird houses, craft items or even utensils.

We are a hands-on workshop organic permaculture CSA farm. Please visit our farm site for schedule of fun and educational hands-on learning adventures many weekends throughout the year.

Season:  April through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  4

Full Share:  Working shares $560 per 28 weeks Non-Working shares $1,120 per 28 weeks

1/2 Share:  Working half share $280/$10 per week 28 weeks Non working half share $560/$20 per week 28 weeks

Work Req?  Yes: 0

Schedule and Location:

Sat and Sun from noon to 4:00 on our farm

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