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~Fresh Free Range Eggs~Hatching Eggs~Day Old Chicks~

We currently offer fresh eggs for $4 per dozen from our happy heritage breedes who free range on our 5 acres of wooded property during the day. In addition to foraging they eat US certified organic grains. We deliver to downtown Port Angeles free of charge for regular customers who sign up for weekly delivery.

Our eggs have been described as "the best around" and we may have a waiting list. But then again, there are always cancellations, so it never hurts to give us a ring or, better yet, send an email. In the future, we may set up an honor system cooler at the top of our driveway. Please do not drive down our driveway! It is difficult to get back out and with free range chickens and flock protecting dogs, it causes quite a commotion.

Our passion is in protecting endangered heritage breeds, particularly the Buckeyes and Silver Gray Dorkings, who are not only great egg layers, but have won awards in taste tests as being two of the top heritage meat birds. We may decide to offer meat birds sometime in the future.

We currently have fertile hatching eggs for sale 14.00/dozen for Buckeyes, 8.00/dozen for barnyard mix. Day-old Buckeye chicks $10 each. Custom hatching service. You let us know when you would like your chicks and we will have them ready for you, it takes 21 days to hatch. Custom hatch chicks $10 for Buckeyes, $5 for barnyard mix. Our barnyard mix includes genes from various chickens, giving you an array of egg colors, similar to our egg picture above.

This year we will be offering organic veggie starts in the spring.


Listing last updated on Jan 28, 2013

~Fertile Hatching Eggs~Day Old Chicks~Fresh Free Range Eggs~

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We have started on our 2nd batch of cosmic eggs from the Secret Garden and are thoroughly enjoying them. For our first batch, we visited the chickens and met Cindy, our gracious host, who knew quite a bit about her flock, no surprise there.... [more]

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