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Angus Beef Purchase Plan. Calves are born on the farm, no added antibiotics, hormones or feedlot are used. Calves live on pasture while they receive GRAIN. Processed in a Georgia Dept. Ag inspected meat plant. Minimal order is one quarter, or about 90-100 lb of boneless beef. Dry aged 17 days, labeled, wrapped and frozen. You pick up the meat at the meat plant. Details and price on our Website

Listing last updated on Mar 12, 2014

Current price per pound live weight for quarters and by the pound is posted on our website.

We are taking orders for quarters and more (a quarter gets you on average 100 lb of boneless beef). The meat will become available early 2015, possibly late 2914. See for detail.

Schedule and Location:

We no longer attend farmers' markets.

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We are about to get are 3rd order from the sell farm. Are family could never imagine eating beef from anywhere else. The ordering is simple and pick-up has always been a wonderful experience. 5+stars

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At this time of year, we give thanks for so many things here on the farm. Healthy cattle and the beginning of another calving season. After much fuss during the past year about rising feed costs, fuel costs and fertilizer costs and almost everything else we use to raise our cattle, we welcome the recent drop in fuel cost and the moderating of our feed costs.... [more]

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