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Specializing in heritage breeds with more tamable personalities, that deal well with confinement, and handling. The breeds we are interested in re-introducing are typically over a century old, and more at home in the small farm or urban setting. For a couple years we've had brown speckled Sussex, from Sussex, England. This was THE bird to raise a hundred years ago, a lovely large frame makes it great for the table, they're also great layers of light brown eggs, and very easy to tame.

Many people are getting chickens instead of the traditional dog or cat as a pet. Chickens are very economical, a flock of 6 will cost about $5 a week to feed. and in return you would get about 2-3 dozen eggs/week, and usable nitrogen for your compost/garden. When we had an indoor cat, her waste cost me money and couldn't be re-used.

We invite you to ask questions, I'd like you to have a great start in your experience. I've built a few coops and chicken tractors and don't mind sharing what I've learned. We also sell Cane Mulch or bagasse, an agricultural by-product from sugar cane. This makes a great bedding that reduces flys and is easily compostable afterward. For more info check out our web site


Listing last updated on Jun 7, 2011

Heirloom Chicks and Sustainable Supply, including renewable animal bedding, natural fertilizers/pesticides, starter plants and mulch for edible landscape and gardening.

Schedule and Location:

Visitors are welcome to pick-up chickens or supplies at the small farm in town. The address is 216 Madison St. Please call before.

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