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Thirty Acre Farm is a small family farm in Whitefield, Maine run by Jane and Simon Frost and their son, Otis. We currently produce Sauerkraut, Caraway Kraut, Ruby Kraut, Sour Dill Pickles, Spiced Carrots, Kim chi, and Sauerruben. Our ferments are made using 100% certified organic ingredients that are Maine grown whenever possible. Each of these products is preserved by lacto-fermentation, a process that allows lacto-bacillus, (a bacteria found on organically grown vegetables and in healthy soils) to reproduce creating acidity that preserves the vegetable for over twelve months. Lacto-bacillus also plays a role in digestion. People often destroy the good bacteria found in our digestive track through the use of antibiotics. Lacto-fermented vegetables can help restore and maintain intestinal order; they are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that nourish our bodies and boost immunity. Our products are always packaged in glass jars and are labeled using custom artwork and descriptions of the product’s benefits and characteristics. We wholesale pint-size jars and in bulk by the pound, while at the markets we retail our products in pint, quart and gallon-size jars. We sell MOFGA certified organic pork by the cut and by the whole or half pig. We raise our pigs on pasture and woodland with lots of room to run and root and wallow. We raise them for eight to ten months feeding them less than factory-raised hogs. This gives us more marbled meat and ensures they will work the land in search of shrubs and roots to snack on. We offer any cut our customers desire, taking orders when we don’t have something in stock. We make six different types of sausage, bone in chops, bone out chops, tenderloin, Canadian bacon, smoked bacon, fresh belly, loin roasts, smoked hams, fresh hams, ham steaks, country ribs, spare ribs, baby back ribs, Boston butt roast, rolled roast, etc. Our customers notice the superiority of our pork to factory raised pork and seem to appreciate the selection of cuts we offer. We also produce eggs and raise specialty greens and other vegetables as well as culinary and medicinal herbs. Please call for availability! Please contact the farm to inquire about internships. Thanks for your interest!


Listing last updated on Mar 5, 2008

MOFGA Certified Organic Family Farm In Maine. Lacto-Fermented 100% Organic Cultured Food. Sauerkraut, Ruby Kraut, Gingered Carrots, Sour Dill Pickles and Kim Chi! Pastured Pork! Green, blue, white, brown Eggs! Specialty greens, veggies, culinary and medicinal herbs!

Schedule and Location:

We are at the Portland Farmer's Market and Damariscotta Farmer's Market May through November.
We also have a local food group which offers Maine products all winter from Thirty Acre Farm, Freedom Farm and others.
Please email us for information or to join in!

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