Thomas Bee Farm

We are a small beekeeping family farm. we are currently producing a few hundred pounds of certified north carolina honey each year. our hives are all located in cabarrus county, in the piedmont of north carolina.

thomas bee farm is now a certified north carolina honey producer, so you can be assured that you are buying only pure raw honey - nothing added, nothing taken away.

all our honey is raw, never heated to speed up bottling. the highest temperature our honey reaches is in the bee hive, while the bees are making it. the only processing we perform is to filter out bits of wax, which can break free from the comb while the honey is being extracted. this process does not alter the honey at all and leaves the pollen in the honey, unlike the ultra-filtered commercial honey that you find at your local grocery store.

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Pure, raw, local honey!

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I consider myself a pretty picky honey eater, and Thomas's honey is fantastic! Pure and natural, sweet, not bitter like some. Two thumbs up!

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