Thorn Apple Acres

INTERN POSITIONS - We have space for 1-2 summer interns who are interested in working using organic practices for growing produce and raising livestock. We would also love to have anyone who might be interested in working with fiber, as well. Accomodations available (private cabin with wood stove and porta potty, with house bathroom/shower and kitchen privileges). The cabin has a small fenced yard, so a well behaved dog would be welcomed, too.

We are a 160 acre family farm in the Mohawk Valley of NY (Montgomery County). We raise a wide variety of animals and produce, and are always trying new things. Fiber animals are our primary livestock focus, with alpaca, llama, sheep, and angora rabbits. We also have dairy goats, chickens, ducks, horses, donkeys, and some resident dogs and cats. We're always happy to set up appointments for farm tours. Please keep an eye on our page, as we've started processing our fibers, now, so we will soon have a selection of yarn, roving and raw fleeces available for sale.

EGGS FOR SALE! Organic (exempt) brown eggs are available for sale at the farm! Our hens are fed an all organic vegetarian feed, organic greens, and are free range and cage-free. When the bugs are flying and the grass is growing, they free range for their favorite goodies. Eggs bought at the farm are $4.00/dozen.

DUCK EGGS! - Our Muscovy and Khaki Campbell ducks receive an all organic diet, and are allowed to free range in season. $4.00/dozen

LIVESTOCK FOR SALE - Muscovy ducks and drakes, and Khaki Campbell ducks and drakes. The Muscovies are 1-2 years old, and all of the females are laying. The Khaki Campbells are 1 year old, and the females are laying. $20 each, or $15 each for 4 or more birds. Fed an all organic diet. Roosters - Silver Laced Wyandotte and mixed breed roosters for sale. $10 each for the Wyandottes, $5 each for the mixed breeds.

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Listing last updated on May 21, 2014

ORGANIC EGGS for sale on the farm! Chicken eggs and duck eggs are available for $4.00/dozen. All our birds get an all organic diet, and are allowed to free range in season. ROOSTERS FOR SALE... We need to thin our flock, so we now have 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte roosters, and 3 "other" roosters for sale... $10 each for the Wyandottes, $5 each for the "others". Keep them, or we can arrange for custom butcher services for you!

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email us for an appointment, or stop by and take a chance (one of us is usually around)

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