We are a small family owned, and operated farm in rural Morrow County. We never use hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. We've expanded our offerings, and I'd like to tell you a little more about what we have to offer that's new. Thanks to our preemie daughter Hannah,and her special nutritional needs, we added goats to our farm for the nutritious milk they provide. Hannah's thriving on it, the children have fewer allergies these days, and the goats are endlessly amusing. However, we had an abundance of milk, and I tried my hand at cheese, found I wasn't very good at it, and came up with a new way to use our bounty of wonderful goats milk. Soap! We've created a few recipes, after a few fits and starts, we finally have a few we really enjoy. We use only goat milk and oils. No water goes into our soap. We carefully selected the oils, and butters we wanted to use, to be sure that they would leave our skin nourished, and not stripped and dry. We've used our soaps at home, and shared with family and friends, and now we would like to make them available for purchase. So please feel free to email or call the number listed to ask about available fragrances, and special orders. Our chickens are housed in outdoor moveable shelters. The pens have no floors, so the birds live right on the ground. The pens have covers at one end so the chickens have refuge from the hot sun or rain. All of our chickens are fed 100% certified organic feed from Curly Tail Organic Farm in Fredericktown, Ohio. Along with organic feed, our chickens have access to organic pasture and left over organic produce.

We market in the Columbus Metro area, as well as areas to the north. We welcome interested people to contact us, via email, or give us a call. We have organic eggs and organic poultry products available for purchase at the farm. The key to our great tasting Thorne Run Organic Poultry is the grass. Chickens and turkeys can derive as much as 30% of their nourishment from grass and it is this component, absent from the diet of most poultry today, that produces meat that is juicy, rich in flavor, and firm in texture.


Listing last updated on Nov 26, 2006

We are now proud to offer handmade, goat's milk soaps, made from our own goat's milk, right at our farm, and family tested. We offer many fragrances, some of our favorites are Jasmine, Gingerbread and Spice, Lavender, and Baby Powder. We have many more, and have even started taking a few special requests.

We raise organic upon request. We think you'll agree with us when we say it pays to know the source of the foods you eat. We take pride in raising a quality, safe, locally produced bird.

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