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Thousand Hills Cattle Company works with over 25 small family farmers and ranchers in the Upper Midwest (MN, WI, IA, SD, ND, NE) to produce 100% Grass Fed Beef - High in Heart Healthy Omega 3 Fatty Acids. We DO NOT use antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products, confinement feedlots, synthetic herbicides on our pastures, or feed any grain.

Part of the Thousand Hills Cattle Company mission statement is to re-create a profitable market for family farm and ranch raised livestock. We are actively training family farmers and ranchers to raise cattle to our protocols, and paying a substantial premium to them for doing so. In fact, although THCC is a very small company, started in 2003, we have already paid out over $300,000 in premiums to those 25 family farms and ranches, above the commodity prices for their cattle.

We sell our 100% grass fed beef to over 50 natural foods stores, premium grocery stores and restaurants, and food services at colleges and universities, mostly in Minnesota.

We have stringent quality control standards, not only about what not to do, but what is required TO DO, in order to produce succulent, tender beef with a rich, hearty, clean taste. Our owner personally inspects each animal before inclusion into our program, and we often ultrasound cattle to verify their tenderness, marbling, and overall meat quality. We use in our opinion, the finest meat processor in the country today, Lorentz Meats in Cannon Falls, MN. They are USDA inspected, certified organic, and certified in animal welfare standards by Steritech. Their animal handling facility was designed and approved by Temple Grandin, the livestock handling expert from Colorado State University.

Because we raise our cattle on a diet of grass and hay alone, our cattle have high levels of Omega 3 fatty acid, like wild-caught salmon. And pasture-raised cattle, unlike confinement feedlot cattle, are healthly, and seldom need antibiotics, or toxic chemicals, like insecticides, and wormers. Since we want diversity in our pastures, instead of a field of only corn or soybeans, we have no need for toxic herbicides, as dandelions and other broad leaf plants contribute to the excellent natural diet of our pastured cattle.

Cattle are ruminant animals, and are designed to convert plant fiber/cellulose (which humans cannot digest) into energy, stored in milk and meat. When cattle are fed only grass and hay, they consume the Omega 3 fatty acids naturally present in plant vegetation (leaves/stems) and store it in their fat, both milk and meat. This gives our 100% grass fed beef very high levels of Omega 3 fatty acid, just like wild-caught salmon.

This simple system is also excellent for the environment. Cattle grazing on pastures return over 90% of the nutrients consumed back to the soil in the form of urine and manure. In addition, permanent pasture virtually eliminates topsoil erosion, and as Jared Diamond reports in his new book "Decline" every major civilization in history disappeared due to loss of topsoil. Properly managed grazed pastures can actually recreate new topsoil, by adding new organic matter to the soil.

Our cattle are actually solar energy collectors - they convert the sun's energy, stored in plant tissue, into energy that humans can use via their meat and milk. This natural system requires minimal fossil fuels, since the cattle harvest most of their own food. In contrast, feedlot cattle require fossil fuels to grow the corn and grains, which are usually grown hundreds or thousands of miles from the feedlot. This means fuel for the tractors to plant, fuel to combine, petroleum based fertilizer and chemicals to grow the grains, fuel to haul the grains to the feedlot, and fuel to somehow dispose of the massive amounts of animal manure created by confinement feedlots.


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Thousand Hills Cattle Company ships to MN, WI, IA, ND, SD and selected zip codes in IL & NE (see for service area). Orders are generally processed within 5 business days and shipped on Monday - Thursday. We will call to confirm delivery date.

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We've been buying directly from Thousand Hills for almost a year now. My husband trout fishes by one of their local farmers. The beef is excellent quality!

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