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Thousand Hills Ranch Grass Finished Beef. We've raised the steaks! Born and raised on the ranch, these animals are 100% antibiotic and hormone free.

The cattle we have chosen are of British breeds Angus/ Hereford and Galloway, crossed for slow maturing, good flavor and tenderness.

We love what we do and enjoy raising quality and nutritious grass fed/pasture finished beef ,from pasture to table.

With a lifetime in the ranching industry, combined with learning the health benefits of grass fed beef, we are familiar with all aspects of raising quality cattle and beef. Cattle when sustained on a grass diet offer an entirely different nutritive compostion than the feedlot/grain fed meat that America has become accustomed to. Check it out and become educated on the health benefits of the Omega 3's in grass fed meat. We offer beef throughout the summer and fall. Custom orders for whole, half plus standard quarters.

Our carcasses are in the 550-700 lb. range. With prices starting at $3.50/lb.(hanging carcass weight), you can know you are getting great value as well as great beef.

Our grass fed Ground beef is usually available separately @ $4.50 lb. This meat is in the 90% + lean beef.

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Listing last updated on May 5, 2014

Getting ready for our Summer orders. Happy grilling to all! Now is the time if you want to get beef for summer. In addition, we are taking orders for fall 2014 , please let us know if you would like to be on the list. Ground Beef is now available all the time by the pound @ $4.50 a pound. Stop by and pick some up.

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Saw their ad for range fed beef and tried a half. With such a large volumn for us empty nesteers...we had to split up with our 4 kids...9 grandkids. Amazing! Next time we will upgrade to a whole beef.

Best Beef we ever had. Once you try it, you are hooked! If you ever can meet the family, you will get hooked on them too!

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kids and cows


Our daily life involves kids.  Of course they make every event interesting.  From chores, errands, dad's work with the cattle and putting up hay, their perspective can make you laugh or cry.  The big girls are riding to check the cows on summer pasture tonight.... [more]

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